About Design Taiyari

With a mission to spread design education among masses, Design Taiyari aims to develop skills for new India. We offer step by step guidance in entrance preparation for all leading design colleges in India and abroad. You can think clearly about a career in design with proper guidance ensured by us. You can also count on us for support to enhance your portfolio throughout your college time if we see the required potential in you. If you meet the required threshold of learning, we will walk along with you in your career path helping you as and when needed.

About The Founder & Main Mentor

Sunando Basu is the founder and main mentor of Design Taiyari. He has many years of experience in teaching art & design and is a professional artist himself. The idea for Design Taiyari germinated in the mind of Sunando Basu when he was traveling in different parts of India for taking exams and other design related purposes. He realized that overall the awareness and reach of design in India is quite low.

The Idea

It was found that people hardly had any knowledge about the field of design. There was no awareness about the colleges that offer design courses. It was surprising to know that the difference between fashion and NIFT or between design and NID was unknown to the masses. However, it was also apparent that there is lot of potential and talent among these people that needed to be saved from being wasted. Hence, Sunando Basu came up with the concept of Design Taiyari that could increase awareness about different courses, colleges and opportunities in design. A platform that could spread awareness about overall understanding of design and teach design related topics to the masses. A platform was required that could support and guide promising students throughout their college time so that good candidates reach the design market.

We, at Design Taiyari, are open to support, ideas and advice that could further help us reach our goals.
Think Design. Think Design Taiyari.